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Burdur Beige Crema Vega HR

  • blocksThe Burdur Beige marble is mostly explored in the region of Burdur. There are many quarries extracting this marble and quarries can have large dimension and considerable output. The blocks extracted can have any dimension, from small to large. And it is estimated that there are considerable reserves for future extraction.

    The Burdur Beige is a reference beige marble from Turkey and a type of stone with considerable demand both on the Turkish and international markets.

    slabsOne of the most interesting aspects of the Burdur Beige marble is its appearance. It has a beautiful and uniform beige colour that quite appreciated in today´s architecture. For some, this is also an alternative stone to the well-known Crema Marfil. The Burdur Beige is a preferential stone used in large scale projects, due to its uniformity, competitive price and beautiful look

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